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Home Ice Cream Maker

Churn is a single serving home ice cream maker that allows an individual to create their own personalized flavored pint of ice cream.

The Problem:

How can the ice cream making process become a more effortless and enjoyable ritual for those who want to make smaller serving sizes?


Market Research:

Existing models of ice cream machines were evaluated to determine the strengths and weaknesses that lie in the current market. The top selling home ice cream makers were of quality build but only made larger family sized amounts. The only “pint-sized” models available appeared flimsy and struggled to effectively churn the ice cream. 

User Research:

User needs were gathered through a survey sent to an ice cream maker's Facebook group and interviews with casual users. There were 32 total responses. 


Major patterns of the user's wants and needs.

  •           Experiment with flavors & customize ingredients

  •           Make easier to clean, smooth texture

  •           Create small ice crystals

  •           Reduce cold feeling in hands

Exploring Functions of Existing Models:

An existing ice cream machine was deconstructed to observe the internal mechanisms. 



Form exploration was completed through sketches and ¼ scale 3D printed models.

Ideation sketching.


¼ Scale 3D Printed Form Exploration.


The Design Solution

CHURN site WIP.png
Churn Form. 

A shallower bowl allows for easier scooping and cleaning. Relocating the motor to the base allows for more stability and easier lid handling.

Slide 16_9 - 82.png
Ice Cream Maker Keyshot 3.png

Silicone Handle + Clear Lid

The clear lid provides visibility of the process. A silicone handle grip not only creates a soft touch, but also prevents the hands from touching ice cold temperatures.

Ice Cream Maker Keyshot 2.png

Lid Holder and Rotating Bowl

The notch inside of the transparent shell holds the lid and mixing paddle. The bowl interlocks with the base so it can rotate and churn.

How to Use:
Untitled-Artwork (13).jpg


Lock frozen bowl with ingredients to the CHURN machine.

Untitled-Artwork (14).jpg


 Place lid and set timer.

bowl with ice cream.png


When the timer is done and the ice cream appears thickened, enjoy the frozen treat.

Exploded View + Materials. 

Materials | 100% Food Grade Silicone, Aluminum, Recycled Polypropylene, PET

Size | W: 7" H: 12.5" Capacity: 1 pint of ice cream. 

Ice Cream Maker Keyshot v1.png
Colors + Branding.
CHURN site WIP5.png
Design Excellence Award. 

This design received a Design Excellence Award at Arizona State University for the Spring 2022 Semester. This is an award given to two designers in each year. 

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