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Modular home package delivery system
& mobile app design.


Note: This is an ongoing senior year design project. Displayed is one iteration of the design progress.

The Problem:

How can home delivered packages be kept safe from theft while also integrating with the design of the home?


Porch Piracy.

As more people turn to ecommerce and online shopping, porch piracy has seen a large increase as well.

In 2021…

49 million Americans have had at least one package stolen from their doorstep.

An estimated $2.4 billion worth of goods has been stolen.


Why are these thefts happening?

Crime of Opportunity.

Porch Piracy is a “Crime of Opportunity”.

This means when a certain situation arises, it is taken advantage of. Thieves see a package on someone’s doorstep and nobody is around to stop them, so they feel impulsed to take it.

This affects all neighborhoods.

Security cameras and smart doorbells may deter thefts but it doesn’t actually stop them from happening.


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Key Insights.

From user surveys & interviews.

Users worry about heat damaging products.

Users fear package getting stolen.

Concerned about the time a package arrives.

Current solutions look very plain and don’t fit all needs.

Target User: Home owner with a steady income and lives in a warm area.


Designs appear very locker-ish which is not ideal for a front porch.

Most cannot be unlocked remotely.

Easy access for delivery driver compromises space.



A mature and modern aesthetic to fit user tastes.

Form Ideation.
Pattern Ideation.

Trying different patterns for ventilated sheet metal.

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Current Design Solution.

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How to Use:


DeliverKey detects delivery
driver, sends notification.



Unlock remotely & verify identity of person.



Delivery person places

package inside.



Open lock with pin, phone, or
key when arrived at home.

Features and Specs:
Presentation Fall 202213.jpg
Presentation Fall 202212_edited.jpg
Presentation Fall 202214_edited.jpg
1/8 scale model prototype.


PLA filament, Styrene Sheets, Contact Paper, Acrylic Paint, Printed Card-stock, Plastic Canvas.

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Mobile App Design.

Designed on Figma. 

Apple iPhone 11 Pro 2.png
Set Up.

Scan included QR code to set up + connect the DeliverKey Device. 

Apple iPhone 11 Pro 4.png
Apple iPhone 11 Pro 1.2.png
View Devices.

Preview and select different DeliverKey devices and view last motion detected. 

Add new device from this page.

Remote Security.

Lock & unlock DeliverKey remotely. 

Connect to the camera to view what is happening from afar. 

Speak with the person who is at the DeliverKey package locker. 

Apple iPhone 11 Pro 3.png
keyshot final 1.33.jpg
Project to be continued...
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