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Plant Light.

Muji Branding Project.

Problem Statement: How can we create a light that allows plants to thrive while creating a calm atmosphere fitting of Muji’s brand imagery?

Brand Research

I studied the different forms of existing Muji products and evaluated the overall feeling of the brand.

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User Research

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All Ages + Genders

Neutral Colors and Simple Forms allows the MUJI aesthetic to be appreciated by many different groups.


Most MUJI stores are located in large cities or neighborhoods with high populations. 

Simple Lifestyle

MUJI translates to “No Brand Quality Goods”, so it’s audience includes those who appreciate a simple and calm lifestyle.



Form Exploration


1:5 Scale


1:1 Scale

Muji Plant Light
Design Details

This planter was designed using MUJI’s brand ideology to allow for easy plant care. This planter includes a dimmable light to both facilitate plant growth and create a calm atmosphere. The light is turned on using a touch-sensitive ring at the top of the planter. This feature allows the user to place a plant anywhere in a space without worrying about its proximity to a window or natural light. It also includes a drainage compartment inspired by an existing MUJI product to allow for easier removal after watering. The form is clean and simple to match the MUJI brand identity. 

Main Materials: Polypropylene, ABS

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Dimmable Touch Light System

Water Drainage System

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