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A child safety IoT device.

Toggle is a child safety IoT device that allows children to have independence while parents can be assured they are safe from afar. 

The Problem:

How do we give children independence to walk to school while giving parents peace of mind?



Letting a child walk themselves to school can increase:

  •           Physical Activity

  •           Confidence

  •           Time Management

  •           Academic Performance


Why are parents so hesitant?

Information gathered via user interviews with parents.

Users: Parents and Children (age 4-10)

Concern : 

Parents fear their child may be abducted.


Solution : 

Wearable SOS button system and easy access for the child to call the parent.

Concern : 

Parents want to know the location of their child.


Solution : 

GPS location tracking for parents and trusted contacts.

Concern : 

Parents worry about the dangers of the internet with a traditional cell phone.


Solution : 

Simplified interface with no screens to minimize distractions and keep children focused. 

Sketch Ideation.

toggle sketches webstie yellow.png

Form Exploration.

EVA foam, blue foam, and paper. 1:1 Scale

_DSC8998 - Copy_edited.jpg

Design Solution.

Asset 1.png

Child Safety IoT Device + Mobile Application

Design Solution
What is Toggle?

Toggle is a child safety IoT device that allows children to call two different contacts and send an SOS message to a list of trusted friends and family when they are in an emergency. Parents and trusted contacts can keep track of the child’s location while they are away. This product allows children to be independent and form healthy habits at a young age. Parents can be relieved of their stress when their kids are on their own and spend less time and fuel driving them around.

Modular Wireless Charging Station.

This modular wireless charging station allows families with multiple children to charge up their Toggle devices in one place. 

How to use Toggle:
Untitled-Artwork (1).png

Grab Toggle device from wireless charger.

Wrap and secure
band around wrist.

Walk to 
desired location.

Press button to call or swipe down to send an SOS message.

Press once to call parent 1,
press twice to call parent 2.


There are endless possibilities to customize Toggle by mixing and matching buttons and wristbands. This helps encourage children to express themselves and wear the product.

5- customization 2.jpg

Toggle Mobile Application.

Ensuring parent's peace of mind.

The toggle mobile app is used by parents to track and manage their children's safety remotely.

Mobile App
Wireframe Sketch Ideation.
unnamed (2).jpg
Final Frames.
Sign up.

Option to choose parent or friend to sign up. Parent can share child's location with trusted friends and family. 

toggle 1.png
toggle 2.png
Register Device.

Enter the unique code on your child’s IoT device to register.

Map View.

View children’s locations. Establish safe zones in your area.

toggle 3.png
toggle 4.png

Call your child's Toggle device remotely from your phone. 

Emergency Services.

Send help to your child if they are in an unsafe position.

toggle 4.png
Design Excellence Award. 

This design received a Design Excellence Award at Arizona State University for the Fall 2021 Semester. This is an award that was given to two designers in each year. 

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